You Don’t Have To Feel Beautiful

I am going to go against the politically correct way of of viewing yourself that puts pressure on every woman that she needs to feel beautiful one way or the other. I am going to say that you do not have to feel beautiful. You don’t have to feel ugly, as it’s not an all or nothing thing. However, you certainly don’t need to try every single tip and trick on how to feel beautiful. Some of us – including myself – are just not statistically beautiful. Why does this seem to be a problem to everyone? When did feeling beautiful become a necessity to survival? I’m not sure, but I’m tired of everyone saying that I should feel beautiful, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that I NEED to be beautiful in my eyes. I don’t. I don’t have to feel any certain way, and neither should you. Take the pressure off, everyone. You don’t need to feel beautiful to feel great and function normally. 

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The Saga Of the Phone

To many of us Americans, our cell phones contain a high percentage of our lives. It’s the device through which my mom and dad contact me, and how I get updated info on the weather. However, unlike the rest of my highly social family, I often hate the ease with which that little device allows people to contact me. It’s so noisy, buzzy, and annoying. In my opinion, the social world was better before cell phones. You could actually get away from people, and letters and house phone calls were a legitimate form of communication. People weren’t as “needy”. I actually believe that cell phones have created a pattern in our society where people actually believe that they need to have contact with certain people every day. It is becoming quite disturbing to me.

So what brought this written rant up? Yesterday, my phone just gave up the will to keep working. It’s ironic, because for the past few weeks I have been griping about my phone, wishing I didn’t actually need one for my line of work, and wishing that society could go back to a time when there were not as many of these intrusive little devices. I guess I got my wish, even if it’s just for a few blissful days until I get a new phone. I will miss talking to my parents, but hey. Children have lived away from home before cellphones. It’s more than possible to survive without one. It’s actually healthier. Yay for the tendency of technology to break. It has made my day!

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Love Song – Kind Of

Most, if not all of us, have heard those sappy, bubbly love songs where all of life sounds brighter, and nothing could go wrong even if a serial killer was chasing the artist around. See, love doesn’t always look quite like that. It can, for fleeting moments, and even lengthened moments, but the storm clouds always come, even if they roll past.
Recently I have been working on a love song of my own. However, this songs muse is a lost love who has died.
See, real love is a funny thing. It can still be felt in death, even after most the pain has died.

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Security Through Democracy

My recent law essay.

As Americans, we enjoy the security of having a leader who is higher in power than a governor, but less than a monarchal king with unlimited power. The president of the United states has been granted, through the careful construction of the Constitution, the power not only to veto laws that contradict the Constitution, but also holds power over our national security system. However, our President is governed by the Constitution itself. He swore to “defend the Constitution Of The United States of America”. So in this sense, the Constitution is made the most democratic deed of its time because the Founding Fathers created it as a document that establishes itself as the supreme law and format of the United States, as a somewhat flexible document which is evidenced by the amendments that are created as the times and build of our nation changes.  No person in power can create any law by saying it is a law. It must not only abide by the Constitution, but it must be run through a governing body of qualified leaders, and can be immediately vetoed if the president sees it as unconstitutional. This was unprecedented in history.

A major theme of our Constitution is the aspect of how it governs national security. It begins its framework of security within House and Senate itself. It espouses the idea of complete democracy to national security with a framework of laws that first prevent tyranny, and then establishes a governing body laws that prevent leaders from turning on their own country, without being noticed be the House, Senate, and President. The Presidents power grants him the ability to at any time, fire our militias leaders if the go against Constitutional law or threaten the democracy of our nation. In this sense, it is imperative the President surround himself with the right cabinet officers, and he is also granted power to fire them, or his vice president if he feels they threaten the purity of his office.

The conclusion of all this? The Constitution provides us with a system for democracy and security, governed by a House and Senate, who are watched over and ruled by the President, vice president, and the cabinet that surrounds the president. Any situation, law, or person that threatens democracy, or national security is done away with as it is passed through the levels of sensors, governed by the President, who is bound by the Constitution. The Constitution has been amended and flexed through or nations ever changing history. Yet, even as it has been amended and America has changed, the base of the Constitution remains always the same. Undamaged, holding our president to a standard that cannot compared to by any other nation. Its base can never be changed, for if one were to try, even the President himself, our strong body of Governors, and our House and Senate would be bound to remove that individual from the equation for the sake of or nations democracy.

Our President is held to live up to the standard that our Founding Fathers set. He may veto a law, or remove a general from his position, but in the end it all adds up to security, through Democracy.

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My Mom’s Cat Is Weird


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Sometimes You Just Gotta Write It Down


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